Hello! It has been FOREVER since I have posted, but it is for good reason. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, I wanted to share some things that the mothers in my life have taught me and also share some exciting news!

I come from a long line of incredible women. They are strong yet gentle, kind yet fierce, and represent what beauty looks like both inside and out.

My mom has always been my best friend. Well, maybe not through some of my teenage years but… you know how that goes. She had a bit of a rough road through some of the challenges my family has faced, a topic I want to write about once I can formulate the words. Yet, even through the challenges, she has demonstrated strength, faithfulness, sacrifice, kindness, and forgiveness. She has taught me so many things and is the single most important force behind the woman I am. She has taught me respect for myself, to show kindness to everyone I meet, to love nature, and to stay strong in the face of any adversity.

My grandmothers are both incredible as well and have had a huge impact on my life. My nana is a strong Christian woman who has instilled in me a strong faith in Christ. She has shown me strength in ways she doesn’t even realize and is a true independent woman. My mimi is another amazing Christian woman who has shown me what true love and sacrifice look like as she cared for my grandfather through his battle with Parkinson’s Disease. She is a perfect mix of strength and gentleness and has never wavered in her love for me.

I also want to acknowledge my mother-in-law who raised such an incredible man in my husband. She is fun and bold and inspiring and we are so grateful for her!

These strong woman, among others, have made me who I am and I am so blessed that they are helping shape my daughter as well. Motherhood is hard. When they say it takes a village, they aren’t lying! As someone who struggled to find herself for the first 18 months of motherhood, I want mothers to know how valued and incredible they are. I also want them to know that it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to admit that this is hard and that you need help. Let’s rely on one another to mold us into the mother’s we had and were created to be!

Now, in other news, I’ve been absent from the blog and social media because our family is growing! We will be welcoming baby #2 in November and this first trimester (plus a couple more weeks) has been quite a challenge! We are so excited to watch Harper as a big sister and to welcome another precious life into this world!

How are you celebrating the mothers in your life? Happy Mother’s Day!!

Be the good,


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