February Goals

It is finally February! February isn’t a super special month for us, but doesn’t it seem like January lasted FOR-EV-ER?! I wanted to share this month’s goals. I like to set new goals for each month so that I am not overwhelmed with the responsibility of keeping the same goals for an entire year. Plus, I think that goals should be fluid and change with whatever is going on in life at that time. So, here we go!

  • No Spending- We are doing a no-spend month which means that we will not spend money on anything that isn’t absolutely necessary (groceries and fuel). No Amazon Prime deliveries, no eating out, no extras at Walmart. We are both frugal people and keep our spending down, but I know the little purchases we make on the reg add up quickly. I can’t wait to see how different our bank account looks after this month!
  • Working out daily. I just signed up for Beach Body on Demand and will be finishing A Little Obsessed today and starting 80 Day Obsession tomorrow. I have really enjoyed taking time for myself each day and 4 days in, I feel great!
  • Lots of water and no Dr. Pepper. The struggle is real, y’all!
  • Daily gratitude journaling. I did well with this in January and plan to keep it up! It’s been so awesome to reflect on the good every single day. With that, I am also doing daily quiet time. I am working through a devotional using the Bible app and having time for prayer and meditation each morning. The way I start my day has a huge impact on the rest of my day and I am happy to say this has made a huge difference.

I love using this habit tracker from Memories by Meyers’ Etsy store. I used it in January and there is just something about coloring that little box that holds me accountable. You can find it HERE.

What are your goals for this month?

Be the good.


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  1. I love your blog Hannah! So inspirational and lots of things to think about and try!! ❤️

    Dana Dickey says:

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