I have a vision.

Happy FRIDAY!!!

I don’t know about y’all but this week has been sooooo long and I am so glad we made it to the weekend! This weekend is special because it’s my birthday AND my handsome hubby and I are going on a date in the big city, hotel, concert, and all! I can’t wait!

What better way to celebrate another trip around the sun than to talk about my vision for both the present and the future. I posted about my digital vision board in my stories yesterday and wanted to share more about it here. I scoured PInterest and Google for quotes and images that inspired me, motivated me, and aligned with the goals I have set for myself and my family.

I am actually also working with my athletes to create a vision board of their own. It is so important for our youth to have a clear focus of what they want to accomplish and how they can be the best version of themselves possible. I can’t wait to see how they turn out and hope they are inspired by what they create.

I have shared my goals for the year with you and have included those on my vision board but have also expanded my focus to further into the future as well. I was mindful to find quotes and images that spoke to me with both their content and appearance. I created this using PowerPoint and just took a screen shot to set it as my desktop background. I am also sending it to my phone and printing off a copy to hang in my closet.

I would love to see your vision boards! If you have one, please tag me in a picture of it on Instagram or Facebook! If you don’t have one, I encourage you to create one! It is fun and productive! Can’t beat that!

Be the good.


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